Best POP ceiling designs to decorate your living room 2022

Ceiling designs – Be it the living room, bedroom, dining room or any other part of the house, false ceiling can be used to hide the common ceiling or centralized air conditioner system. From modern to traditional designs, false ceiling can make your living room bigger and more attractive according to different colors, shapes, sizes. Today we are going to tell you about plaster of paris (POP) application in your living room and list of POP ceiling designs to help you.

Best POP ceiling designs to decorate your living room 2022

How to use POP for false ceiling?

Plaster of Paris false ceiling is very durable and lasts for years without any wear and tear. POP is available in powder form and is made into a paste by adding water to it. To create a ceiling design, POP is embedded in the mesh so that it remains intact. Also, POP is more economical as compared to gypsum boards. However, you will have to hire a POP professional to get the finish. POP ceilings take longer to apply and must be completely dry for application. You can choose simple POP designs for the living room. Its easy to install. Or you can also choose a modern design, which will make your room shine.

How to choose POP ceiling design for living room?

  1. When choosing ceiling designs for living room, instead of one, you can go for innovative designs with a mix of shapes and lights. However, if you have a dining room in your drawing room, then choose a design that is beautiful and has good lighting.
  2. Make adequate arrangements for lighting in the false ceiling of the living room. You can use electricity saving LED bulbs for the concept of ceiling. Apart from this, you can experiment with large chandeliers and hanging lamps to make your space look big and beautiful.
  3. White is the most common colour. You can use other darker shades to make the room look bigger and beautiful. For a royal look, you can choose beige or yellow shade. You can also add textures to the ceiling for a modern look, such as a wooden finish, metallic or traditional.
  4. There is no reason why you should opt for rectangular and square designs. Curves, arcs or circles are very much in trend and through them you can design new looks. It is a good idea to break the symmetry and give your home a modern look. You can use these shapes in contrast to other elements used in decoration.

List of False POP Ceiling Designs in Living Room

POP ceilings can also be used to add an extra layer of insulation to your living room. If you want to give a warm look to the room, then you can install LED lights in the false ceiling. If you have a modest budget to invest on false ceiling, then you can opt for simple POP designs for living room, which are easy to install, good to look at and can give a better look to your room.

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A suspended ceiling is best if you want to optimize space and hide electrical cables.

Another advantage of plaster of paris is that you can use new molds and shapes like circles, trays, layers, squares etc. Moreover, once the installation process is complete, it is very easy to add any design, redo or modify the finished design on POP false ceiling.

Popular Designs of POP Ceilings for the Year 2022

These days homeowners are looking for something other than basic POP ceiling designs for walls. While not keeping the center element plain and simple, he is adding light fixtures to it so that the room can be further illuminated. It also enhances the beauty of the room. This design is best for small rooms. Another design that is quite popular is the hollow T-bar POP ceiling at the centre. Open space can be used for colored lighting or for applying textured finishes.

POP Ceiling Designs for Small Living Rooms

In small apartments, which have a dining room in the living room, you can choose from different POP ceiling designs to create a boundary. When it comes to patterns, a variety of shapes and geometrical patterns like ovals, circles are available, which are perfect for small living spaces. When it comes to lighting, you can use a combination of spot fixtures, cove lighting, which will be best for this area.

Trending Falls Ceiling Design Ideas

  • Minimalist: This is a simple false ceiling design, which looks exceptionally elegant due to its simplicity. It gives a modern look but blends perfectly with the traditional decor as well.
  • Light Highlighted: If you want to experiment with lights, then POP false ceiling is the best choice. The false ceiling, which runs close to the wall, is made for the light fixtures and gives a pleasant makeover to the space by creating a soft glow.
  • Hanging Ceiling: This false ceiling is the most in trend, in which the suspended ceiling is made from POP, in which wood is also used. This brings beauty to the place. Also, the pendant lamp that hangs from the wooden section from the ceiling and the spotlights on the POP reduce the intensity of the lights in the room.
  • Patterned ceiling: You can choose any kind of artistic display from intersecting lines to an interesting pattern on the ceiling. This pattern along with the lights make the design of the false ceiling even more beautiful.

Advantages of False Ceiling

Through false ceiling, light spreads through ceiling lights throughout the room. False ceiling is an important element that you can use to express your style. Unlike regular ceilings, false ceilings can be designed to suit the lighting needs and size. Experimenting in different colors and shades on the ceiling can make your room look bigger. They can also be painted with any painting work.

How to choose the colors of POP False Ceiling for Drawing Room?

When it comes to false ceiling, there is a whole range of colors. Let us take a look at some of the available options, depending on the size and dynamic of your room.

Always use lighter shades in false ceilings than walls. This will make the ceiling look a little higher and the room will look bigger. If the room is dark in color or has a lot of accessories like furniture, paint, furnishings and furnishings, then get white shade done in the ceiling. For rooms which have white colored walls, you can use dark colors like charcoal grey, navy blue or chocolate brown. They create tremendous contrast. When the false ceiling is installed, you can get the same color done on the ceiling and the walls. However, whatever color you choose, it should be according to the size of the room.

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