Top 6 Best light decorating ideas

The Best light decorating ideas is the most special and private of all the rooms in your house, so it is very important that the fittings in this room are comfortable and special, so that you can live your private moment. Architect ruchi gives you a simple idea how to use light to make your bedroom cozy.

Top 6 Best light decorating ideas

Best light decorating ideas

Optical Illusion 3D Lamp

Made from high quality araculic material and silk printing technology, this 3D illusion lamp is actually a 2D wire frame lamp. Energy efficient, this LED lamp with long life will look great in any room. Available in multiple designs, it will give a unique and attractive touch to your room. This diamond ring is available in balloon shapes.

Lantern LED Lamp

Inspired by an old-fashioned lantern, this Lantern LED Lamp is perfect for all occasions. These lamps have a strong magnet at the base of the down so you can stick it where you need it. It has different mood-enhancing colors to set different lights for any occasion.

foldable lamp

This is a playful, portable, interactive personal lamp. Which can be easily folded and carried. It has pre-setting option available, which can be operated by selecting the mode or connecting to your smartphone.

Give unique look to bedroom

If you want to give a unique look to your bedroom, then using fairy lights can be a good idea. For this, you don’t need to do much. Just put the fairy on the wall of the bedroom like a wraith. Now you can use the clip to hang pictures of your close people or family over there. You will see that the look of your bedroom has completely changed.

use a mason jar

This is such a way to decorate the house with fairy lights, so that you can decorate any corner of your house. Just take a mason jar and put fairy lights in it. You can enhance the beauty of that place by placing this jar in any part of the house.

Give a Twist to Home Decor

You can give a twist to your simple home decor with the help of fairy lights. All you have to do is apply this fairy around any of your decorative items like an accent piece or mirror and then just watch how the look of your home changes. You can adopt this tip in any part of the house you want to lightup more.

  • makes any room attractive and bright and bedroom is no exception. A great trick is to put LED strips under and behind the bed. This will give uniform light and brightness to the entire bedroom. When it is dark around, the coming from under the bed will seem to float.
  • Strip can also be used around the TV. When the TV is not working, then this light can be used for illumination.
  • Get reverse cove lighting done in the ceiling. This will put a spotlight on the walls and a glow will be seen in the whole room. The beauty of cove lighting is that the source of lighting and fixtures are not visible in it.
  • Adjustable and dim lamps give a cozy feel to the bedroom. Using dimmer switches, the can be accelerated or slowed down as per your need. When you’re in a relaxed mood, keep the dim on. This will create an atmosphere of peace and a good mood.
  • You can also direct into the bedroom from other parts of the house like terrace, garden, landscape and so on. It will create a different atmosphere.
  • Natural color desk and floor lamps can create a better harmony of in the bedroom, creating an atmosphere of privacy. Due to this, some part of the bedroom will remain and some part in darkness.
  • Nowadays chromotherapy done through colored is also in vogue. You can create different moods with different types of lights. It is a different matter that most of the people prefer comfortable tones.
  • Glass programmable wall lighting behind the bed creates a dreamy and dreamlike effect and calms the mind.

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