Top 9 Best Terrace Garden Design

Terrace Garden Design – Whether you already have a terrace garden, or you are creating a garden, these 9 design ideas and tips will help you create the most beautiful terrace garden. Even a small terrace or patio is such a boon in the densely populated urban areas of cities. You can make a garden there. You can sit there and enjoy. You can certainly have many plans regarding your terrace garden design and style, but it would be helpful to consider these suggestions as well.

1.Keep it open /Open terrace Garden Ideas

Terrace Garden Design

Terrace Garden DesignA small terrace looks bigger if kept open. For example, consider transparent glass instead of a parapet wall, fence, railing or even you can create a beautiful hedge around a border.

2.Grow tall plants and trees /Terrace garden plants ideas

Terrace Garden Design

If you have a large terrace, or there is a bad view, or if you want to make a real garden feel like a little tall vegetation around the walls, in order to maximize the greenery and the rest of the city to limit himself. Growing green bamboo and grass is a great combination if you want it to be low maintenance, otherwise, your options are limitless, growing shrubs and trees.

3.Create a raised bed /Inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

Terrace Garden Design

It’s a good idea to build raised beds adjacent to the walls, if your ceiling supports it. You can make raised beds out of wood. If you want, you can even build beds made of concrete, 2 feet deep and wide will be a great size, you can also grow beautiful tall shrubs and small trees in them, and regular maintenance, pruning and everything With root trimmings over the years you can control the plants well.

Make sure you use a waterproofing membrane for these raised beds, and put in a thick root barrier that can block the roots, and prevent damage to the roof. Another idea is to make raised beds slightly above the surface such that the raised beds do not touch the surface and the roots of the plants cannot penetrate.

4.Terrace gardening tips

Terrace Garden DesignWhen it comes to terrace garden design, make sure you maintain variety in the size of the plants. There should be some large plants, shrubs and small trees, ground covers and hanging plants. Also, buy containers of different sizes, it will give a great look to your terrace garden.

5.Furniture /Terrace furniture

Terrace Garden Design Decide in advance what kind of furniture you want to buy. Would you like to hang out on the roof terrace or have dinner there? You have to make a choice at the initial stage. Furniture that fits the style and theme of your garden.

6.Add a focal point /Garden focal points ideas

A focal point attracts the eye towards itself. Anything can be a focal point, which attracts attention. A water feature, tall trees, beautiful arrangement of container plants, a statue etc.

7.Terrace lighting decoration

Terrace Garden Design During the evening, it is important that your terrace garden is well lit. Good for creating more bright spots, especially near stairways or doors. Plus, lighting up the ceiling lighting will make it look bigger during the evening.

8.Do not use more than three colors / Terrace color combination

Terrace Garden Design Always choose a color as an accent color and one or two more colors that will follow. Using many different colors for walls, floors, railings, furniture or containers will make your ceiling look too busy and cluttered. Colors combined with neutral colors work best. Neutral colors like white, grey, beige, indigo also enhance the beauty of terrace garden.

9.Use vertical space/Best Utilize vertical space

Use vertical space to add more space to your roof garden, hang planters on walls, use railing planters and grow lots of climbers.

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